09 November 2010

ALL THAT JAZZ: Charlie's Tapas and Wine Bar on Malugay

Going back to good ol' JAZZ
 I had a little foodie get together last week with the Sexy Seductress and Dessert Comes First's Lori Baltazar. We tried the food at the recently opened jazz bar of the Sexy Seductress' dad off the Zuellig loop at the Makati Golf Club. (Korean food lovers would probably be more familiar with Ara the Korean restaurant in the same compound.)
It will SEEM like it's Koreatown when you enter if you catch those Korean kids waiting for their rides after taekwondo or some other class at the building entrance beside North Park. But when you enter Charlie's, it's lovely Manila all over again. 
I have actually been looking for a jazz bar for quite some time now, as the Good Doctor will corroborate. Merck's and 70s Bistro notwithstanding.
I thought Tangerine had this potential. I really appreciated their state of the art  sound system. It was truly first class. Unfortunately, that place was polluted by the "yes boss" gang of some politicians who frequented the place. They actually attempted to have another band play for the younger crowd but the band was recommended by someone who obviously knows nothing about music (or marketing it) and so the restaurant has since died. It's now House of Wagyu. No more music, no more jazz.
Panchito, Lito Lapid and Eddie Garcia
I think Charlie's has the potential to be the next big thing. I remember my parents having such a good time at Conways and when Spirit of 67 - not jazz but music of THAT generation - would start singing they'd just go wild and my thought bubble would read "OMG eww this is how my children will see me if they see me dancing when I'm 50". But it's a good time and it's a happening place. Amen.
But it will only work IF they get the right people to sing. The Sexy Seductress recognizes this. So far they have a so-so singer singing to the band pictured above, comprised of Eddie Garcia, Lito Lapid and Palito look-alikes (wehehe). If they discover a Lani Misalucha-like singer to play with these grand old boys, I believe the crowds will come. I keep telling the Sexy Seductress I can sing for her but for SOME REASON she just won't believe me! (Hehe.)
The food - finger food (WHOLESOME thoughts only please!) - is very tasty. They have a penchant for wrapping things in bacon, which can only always be a good thing. Best on the menu are the quail eggs wrapped in bacon and steak bits wrapped in bacon. 
Bacon Heaven
They have also wisely included their signature chicharon: fried chicken chicharon. Soo yummy. We had three plates.
Healthy eaters (cheese is always healthy for us eaters, haha) can opt for the quesadillas which have a nice bite to it. 
Otherwise just binge on the booze. They have reasonably priced wine. Just be ready for a hangover the following day, hehe. Consider them battle scars. 
Charlie's has just opened so it can't really be reviewed just yet. Suffice it to say it has a lot of potential. In fact, I'd love to have a birthday party there - if only to fulfill my dream of becoming a jazz artist, haha!
CHARLIE'S  TAPAS WINE AND JAZZ. 7232 Malugay St., Bel Air, Makati (inside Makati Golf Club). +632 840 5745 or +632 830 2222. Open Mon to Sat 11 am to 2 pm and 5.30 pm to 12.30 am. Wheelchair accessible.